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Presentation of the doctoral school Heading : Doctoral school Sciences and Technology of the Engineer Director : Henda EL FEKIH, Professor in Mathematics Applied in the ENIT. email : Inforamtion: National school of Engineers de Tunis, B.P. 37 - 1002 Tunis, Tunisie Phone : +216 71 883 514 Fax : +216 71 872 729 email : Site web : -sti Structures de recherche impliquées : Laboratoire de recherche Code Denomination Name of the director/direct LR-03-ES05 Laboratory of Civil engineering LR-99-ST03 LR-99-ES20 Laboratory of Modeling in Hydraulics and Environment Laboratory of Mathematical and Numerical Modeling in the sciences of the engineer LR-99-TI03 Laboratory of the Communication systems Unités de recherche Hedi HASSIS / Mahmoud MOUSSA / Nabil GMATI / Ammar BOUALLEGUE Code Denomination Name of the director/direct 99/UR/11-08 Automatic 99/UR/11-11 Teledetection and Information systems to Space Reference 99/UR/11-12 Synthesis and Analysis of the Materials 99/UR/11-19 Treatment of the Signal of the Image and Pattern recognition 99/UR/11-22 Energy of the Building industries and Solar systems 99/UR/11-30 Analyzes and Orders of Systems 99/UR/11-35 Photovoltaic and Semiconductors Materials 99/UR/11-38 Mechanics - Energy 99/UR/11-45 Metal Corrosion and Protection 02/UR/11-06 Genius of Materials 03/UR/ES05 Laboratory of the Electric Systems 03/UR/11-07 Signals and Systems 03/UR/11-03 Applied Mechanics,Engineering and Industrialization 05/UR/11-02 Optimization and Analysis of Industrial Systems and of Service Mohamed BENREJEB Mohamed Rached BOUSSEMA Refaat CHAABOUNI Noureddine ELLOUZE Chiheb BOUDEN Mekki KSOURI Bahri REZIG Mohamed Jomaâ SAFI Ezzeddine TRIKI Rachid NASRI Ilhem SLAMA BELKHODJA Jelel EZZINE / Mahmoud BOUHAFS Atidel HADJ-ALOUANE

Download chimie Avec Ammar bahri pdf



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