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Napro PC Scan 3000: A Complete Guide to Download, Install and Activate

the new p-1 long scan stylus profiler is designed to provide accurate, repeatable, and reliable surface measurements of any kind of material in a production environment. it is capable of ultra-high-resolution scanning with a scanning range of up to 200mm in a single scan, measuring smoothness, flatness, and waviness. it is the only stylus profiler to incorporate an lvdc-based sensor technology, providing sub-angstrom electronic resolution and low-force control, plus reducing sensitivity to noise.

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the xp1 and xp2 are comparable to other 3d optical profilers in terms of their scanning range, but with a radically different design. the system is the only profiler to incorporate a proprietary wavefront calibration system, enabling up to 100nm resolution for topography measurements. this is possible because of the unique combination of optics and sensor technology, as well as the extremely flat stage design. the system is also the only profiler to offer a long-range scanning head, with a distance measurement capability of up to 400mm. it also offers both a fixed and a manual focus adjustment, and uses the proximity sensor to enable no-touch autofocus.

the xp1 and xp2 stylus profilers from ambios technology introduce an optical lever sensor technology adapted from the atomic force microscope (afm). the optical lever sensor enables faster scanning while maintaining accurate surface profiling. the novel sensor combined with low force control and support for samples up to 200mm provides customers an affordable surface topography measurement solution.

a new piezo flexure stage design is added to minimize out-of-plane motion, improving scan flatness by >2x over the previous design, while maintaining the 90m by 90m scan area with 1nm resolution. the system adds inline high and low magnification optics and utilizes the proximity sensor to enable no-touch autofocus, allowing fast, precise focus plus improving stylus lifetime by reducing the number of stylus touches on the surface. the long-scan stage is improved by the addition of linear encoders for more accurate sample positioning, plus higher resolution with a finer pitch leadscrew. overall system performance is improved by the addition of a digital signal processor to handle all stage controls, reserving the computer processing power for the user interface. finally, dipping mode enables measurement of high aspect ratio etch depth features.

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