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I saw this movie yesterday and I thought that it was very entertaining. Aquamarine is a truly excellent family flick! Even though I'm a 24-year old young man, this film appealed to me a whole lot. I am often very fond of films that revolve mainly around female characters. The girls featured here are all very cute, especially Sara Paxton, the actress who portrays the title character.The movie is about two teen-aged girls, Claire and Hailey, who form a strong bond with a mermaid. The mermaid is very gorgeous and they decide to name her Aquamarine. As the three gals hang around each other Aquamarine explains that she must show her father that love exists all around. She meets and falls for a lifeguard named Raymond and tries to get him to fall for her. However, she is reluctant about telling him that she is a mermaid. Fortunately, during the daytime when the sun is out she has legs like an ordinary human being. Once the sun sets though she has a tail again. The movie also features a rival girl named Cecilia, who is the daughter of a local news reporter. Cecilia is very arrogant, dishonest, and greedy. She wants everybody everywhere to treat her like a queen. In the end, she gets what she deserves! I recommend this movie to everyone that I interact and communicate with! Aquamarine is an interesting movie that will make you glow with happiness!

Download Aquamarine movie movie

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"Aquamarine" seems the typical teen romantic comedy, and it is, but I'm not saying that this movie is bad, because is not. This movie is cute, funny and entertaining. It is a good comedy about friendship and love.All begins when two teenagers, Claire and Hailey discover in their beach club's swimming pool a young mermaid called Aquamarine, who has escaped from an arranged wedding. She must find a love in three days, to show her father that love exists. Then she falls in love with the lifeguard Raymond. Claire and Hailey help her to get Raymond because if they help a mermaid they can get a wish, so they use their wish to stop Hailey' mom moving to Australia.The cast includes Sara Paxton as Aquamarine, Emma Roberts as Claire, Joanna "JoJo" Levesque as Hailey and Jake McDormand as Raymond. "Aquamarine" is a cute comedy full of funny situations and love and friendship scenes. Don't miss this movie, it's not a waste of time.

Aquamarine Lite is a cinematic sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt (requires full version). It includes synths, pads, and sonic textures for composing movie soundtracks and trailers. The library is based on 7 GB of sample content, with 3,049 individual samples.

Since its release, Aquamarine has become a cult film[23][24] and is especially popular among Generation Z.[25] It has been ranked as one of the best "mermaid movies" by USA Today[26] and Teen Vogue.[27]

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