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Man Of Galtiyaan - The Mistake Fix

From the Editor's Keyboard...One of the practices of some Sai devotees is to cast chits and draw in front of Baba in an attempt to seek Baba's direction in matters. Question of the week for the week is, Q. What are your comments on the practice of casting and drawing chits in front of Baba in an attempt to seek Baba's direction?Humbly Yours, The EditorBack to MenuDisclaimerSai Vichaar is devoted to the philosophy and teachings of Shri Sadguru Sai Baba of Shirdi, and will take every measure to avoid topicsor themes contradicting the same. Sai Vichaar team or is not responsible for the opinions expressed by individual contributors. Back to MenuFeature of the week:Words of WisdomOnly persistent effort, personal experience, and intensive feeling can realize the existence of God. Once the "I" in you is erased, you become one with God. For He is the only Reality. You see Him in all humanity. The ultimate reality can be perceived only by constant practice. Even the highest learning of shastras supported by logic and creative imagination can take us only to the lower level of awareness. Man is not the mere physical body. He is the Atman (self) encased in the body. The Atman seeks release to join the Paramatman. The sacred mission of Man is to help this process. Logical arguments and eloquent speeches do not help to feel the presence of God. In the process of material progress, one should not lose oneself in the trifles. Man should not forget the real purpose for which he is created on earth. One who cleans his inner self is ready to receive the grace of God. His inner self reflects in good conduct (sadachar), which is the excellence of his external conduct. When youth vanishes, you cannot control the mind. When body is worn out, you cannot do sadhana. Strive now earnestly to attain spirituality and the highest perfection. The whole world lives, moves, and has its being in God. Dharma is the means to elevate mankind to the level of feeling the presence of God. Man should practice Dharma to react this Divinity. Saints attained their sanctity through the adoration of God. Seeking refuge in God solves all your problems. Let your minds be imbued with love and devotion to God. Seeking refuge in God solves all your problems. External enemies of man can either be conquered or befriended. However, his internal enemies like desire, anger, greed, pride, attachment, and jealousy remain concealed, causing untold havoc. They can be vanquished only through His Grace. So let us pray and fit ourselves to be the recipient of His Grace.Control over sense organs is very much needed for the realization of God. Singing the names of the Lord devoutly and fervently enables such control. True spiritual pursuit leads the Saadhaka into Samadhi in which the Jagat (universe) and the Jeeva (life) disappear. All relative existences vanish leaving behind only the Brahman, the Absolute. Thoughts and feelings rise in the minds of the ordinary people like waves on the sea. But the mind of a yogi is like a wave-less sea. This placid state is due to his mastery over the self. The yogi is a Sanyasin as his individuality subdued and his desire utterly annihilated. This state of actionlessness is the blissful state or Brahmavastha. Those who make an exhibition of their temple going without real devotion are hypocrites. Temple-visit is in reality an outward manifestation of the inner urge to see His Idol, which is symbolic of the ideal, and to fill the mind and heart with His thoughts. Listen to Guru's teachings and follow them in practice. It is by the triple process of Sravana, manana and Nidhi-dyasana that knowledge is attained. When the mind is stilled, the Bliss in the self can be directly grasped. Forget yourself when you are in sorrows. Then peace comes to you of its own accord. Zeal and courage of the mind can be acquired by serenity. Draupadi's episode reveals that absolute surrender to the Lord alone makes Him shed His Grace on the devotee. The progress to perfection is through pain and suffering. Hard flint must come into collision to produce sparks. Grief grows from desires and attachment. Happiness cannot be attained from satisfying the desires as new desires crop up. Hence, happiness lies in contentment. Happiness leads to peace of mind. Peace of mind results in concentration.Concentration is the basis of meditation. Through meditation mind is united with Sachchidanada. There is no happiness higher than this. Experience of the supreme Bliss is the greatest happiness. One should not proclaim that he knows everything. One should be free from ego, pride, and prejudice. One should develop self-confidence. Man aspires to enjoy the Supreme Bliss. This can be possible by renouncing the worldly things and by offering the following eight flowers: Nonviolence, Control of senses, Sympathy, Patience, Peace, Austerity, Meditation and Truth. Sage Kapila offered these eight flowers to God and attained union with Him. One cannot realize one's soul until the ego vanishes. When the ego is submitted, then occurs a total surrender to God. One can experience supreme bliss by feeling the presence of God. In such a state, the minute soul will be merged with the Universal Soul and there will be no difference between Nara and Narayana. All agonies can be easily averted if only man feels that God is the responsible spirit behind all the progress. Bhakti, Karma, Jnana are just means to the same end. Each charts out for us a route towards God. When the highest knowledge dawns on us, the final release is obtained. Manava Jeevans has come to us as God's greatest boon. Let us not throw it away in ignorance. (Excerpts from Poojyasri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji's discourse) Back to MenuContributed Article: Divine Love: A poemYour love for me was always there, Little did I realize and little did I care. When there was Sunshine and the times were good, You were taken for granted and never understood. But when the storm came near and hit me unaware, I turned to you to realize that you were always there. Despite all my failings and don't care attitude, You smiled and led me forward, with blessings multitude. Divine Father, Divine Mother, you've always been so kind For making me feel protected and granting peace of mind. Today let me thank you, for your unlimited love, Thanks for all the prosperity you're showering from above.(Contributed by Padmaja BJ) Back to MenuExperiences of Devotees:JayashreeI would like to share my experience that Sainath had blessed me. Some times back, my husband left my child and me after fighting with me. I was left alone and stayed in the hostel where I was working. First day when I went to hostel, I was feared as first time in my life I stayed alone that also leaving my child with my mother. With panic when I opened my bag, I was very shocked that I forgot to take Baba's photo, which I used to take it wherever I go. Then I just thought about BABA, cried, and told "OH baba" why you are aloof from me? Then the Warden asked me to occupy my Room. When I opened my cupboard, believe me or not! I could see the photo of BABA, tears started was peeping from my eyes. Immediately I thank BABA that wherever I go, he is always there. Then I started reading Satcharitha and after some time, everything was Okayed and we were reunited. Then BABA came into my dream and said whoever played the role to separate my family will definitely suffer. After that, I was reading Babe's monthly magazine. There also to one of the Sai devotee from Sankar Nagar had described his incident how baba saved his wife's life.Sudharani AnneAt every crucial phase of my life Baba blessed me and made me cross those problems. Here are just a few instances. I have been waiting for a job for a year and I went for an interview in one of the top ten companies, I prayed to Baba before and after the interview that I should get the job. I was not interviewed much but I still got the job because of Baba's grace. Later I also found out that I was the only one who was interviewed by just one person and for such short time and still was offered a job. My mother once had stones in her bladder and the Doctor told that he had to operate her. As I was not close to her I sat before Baba and cried and in a few days my mother went for a check up and the Doctor told that the stones somehow were crushed or melted so he does not have to operate her. I left my son with my Mother and I was debating about whether to bring him back or not, one night when I was about to sleep and was thinking about it, Baba came and tapped on my head to remind me to stop arguing and go get my son as it is my responsibility. Every time I have a problem in my work and don't know the resolution, I sit in front of Baba and tell him about it and before I go to work the resolution suddenly dawns on me or somebody offers to help me. My only request to Baba is to give me blessing to attain the spiritual goal and I will wait until my turn comes. I pray to Baba to give me patience to wait to be blessed. Thanks for letting me tell my stories and hope everybody learns to believe in Baba the Eternal Mother and Father.Back to MenuDevotees say...Venugopal SankaToday with Sri Shirdi Saibaba's blessings, I got my Green card approval information for my family and me. I did go through a lot of difficulties in the process and it is Shri Shirdi Sai who gave us the strength and courage to face the situation boldly.GayathriBaba, Koti Koti Pranam, On this GURU PURNIMA I pray to our Benevolent Lord our Sai Ma to give us solace in your LOTUS FEET. Give us patience so that in our rough time we should remain calm & compose & above all bless us to keep chanting your name in every thick & thin. Om Sai.Raj GanginaDear Baba, You helped in all my obstacles until now. This one of greatest miracles u have done in my life by fixing marriage only in five days. You are the final judgment to me so whatever things to be happened my life I leave in your hands. I pray to you dear father for same support until end of my life.Mukesh KumarBaba Thank you very much whatever is being done, with your grace.Back to MenuPrayer Club:Deepak AbhyankarPlease save my family from poverty, disturbance and threats. I am facing false allegations. Who else can I tell my pain? You are my savior. You only can protect my family from the dangers. Give me the stable employment, peaceful family life. Give me the peace I need. Save my family from past Janma sins. Consolidate my faith and give a new life to Abhyankar Family. Dear Baba, I need Your help. My marriage is in trouble; my husband and I are unable to have a normal married life as he has a health problem. He is overly attached to his family, they are not the most gracious of people and they are trying to shift the blame onto me. Please help me Baba, in getting my life straight. I am just tired of all the tension and worry. SAIBABA I know that you are with me through out my life. You saved me in all the difficult situations. Please see that everything should go well SAIBABA. VasanthiBaba, please have mercy on my family and me. My husband has always had trouble holding on to a job. His job is in jeopardy due to his behavioral problems. He comes across rude to people though he doesn't mean to be. Please teach him how to talk, behave, and hold on to his job steadily. Pl. baba I have gone through this agony so many times, I can't bear this pain any more. Please baba, show your mercy and don't let me down, I put the entire burden on you.Sai devoteeDearest Baba, I am having problems in my marriage. He says he doesn't like anything in me. He feels he has a had a bad bargain in this marriage. He acts very weird. All my friends have asked me to be patient with him. You must know the situation very well. You blessed me with a rose before the marriage. You got us somehow to Shirdi immediately after marriage. Now why are we going through this horrible phase? Upon that I am not sure whether my husband loves somebody else. I feel very bad doubting him but I am not able to stop myself. You do what you feel is correct with my husband. I don't want to meddle with that. If I don't have right feelings then how can anyone help me? Could you please help me help myself?Sai devoteeHa Panduranga Vithal Sairam, what is the mistake that I have done to suffer like this? Baba, you have been there near to me at times of agony but these days Baba what should I tell about my problem you are sarvantheryami please come for my rescue, I am at the verge of loosing my job which I got by your grace, show mercy on this servant of yours. Jai Sai RamA devoteeSri Saibaba, please help me to get rid of my problems. Sri Saibaba I request you to kindly help me in my children's education and I have paid advance for house you know very well how I paid. I request you to help me by getting my money back. I am very much worried about that. Om Sai Sri Sai jaya jaya Sai, please help me.RaghavBaba, I am twenty-three years old, and a devotee since I was in standard tenth. Baba, till now I could not even start my graduation/engineering. Baba if I was alone I would have some how accepted this problem, but baba, mere mummy papa ka kya dosh hai, mere Sai. Unka dukh ab dekha nahi jaata. Papa ko log bohot ulta seedha kehte hai kyonki mein career mein kuchch nahi kar pa raha. Sai, meri mummy ulcer aur diabetes ki mareez hai, baba, main apni mummy papa ki pareshaani nahi dekh sakta sai. Baba, maut de do par mere maa papa ko pareshani mat do. Sai, mujhse sab le lo par maa papa ki pareshaani hata do. Main aapse bas itni bheek mangta hoon. Mummy papa khud niraash ho kar bhi mujhe hamesha housla dete hain, par sai main kuchch nahi kar pa raha. Mere Sai, tumhe bohot yaad kiya, baba, ab aap apni sharan mein le lijiye, meine apne sab jatan kar liye, now i have totally surrendered. I am unable to understand where do I make a mistake and what goes wrong that finally I fail in all attempts, baba, bas itni biniti hai ki aap mujhe rah dikha dijiye. Aap ki kripa rahegi to Sai sab kuchch badal sakta hai, aapki nazar bani rahegi to sitaare badal jayenge Sai, bas main chhota hoon aur naasamajh hoon, baba, meri galtiyaan maaf kar dijiye, mujhe bhi apne bachche ke samaan rah dikhaaiye. Sai rehem nazar karna, bachcho ka paalan karna. Rrequest to all devotees, please pray for me to Baba. Om Sai ram SameerMalik mere, please help my two sons recover from their illness. My wife and I need your help. Your two gifts are very valuable. Jai Shri Sai RamBaba! Hey Dayalu, Please help my son recover from his current illness and also my daughter to get a good job and good alliance.Back to MenuQuotation of the Week:"No one wants to take from me what I give abundantly"-Saibaba of ShirdiBack to MenuQuestion of the Week:Q. How do we stay away from evil people when God wants us to stay with them under the same roof?A by Ravin Gnanasambandam, MinnesotaWho is evil? Evil is one's own judgment of the other. In spiritual path, there is no judging anyone. Goods and evils, those dear and those far, "ours" and outsiders are all one's concoctions convenient to the ever-changing mind. No two manifestations of the soul are equal and it is ignorance to draw lines, ascribe values and divide them based on one's perception. Evil or sacred it is for the Sadguru to judge. In practical terms, how does one respond to discomforting situations and people in daily lives? By knowing and accepting that, people are capable of inflicting pain just as much as they are of loving. By accepting that people can praise you to the sky on one day and trample you to the ground the next day. Should this make one away from people? Running away from people doesn't necessarily take one towards God! More so, if the realization that Sadguru pervades everything, people and situations. Is there a way out? Saadhana is not a big word, but it is everyday path. It is a path treaded by keeping Baba in mind, always. By not giving up even if it is difficult. By swallowing pride, by knowing that humility is not a choice but an absolute requirement. By knowing that Baba has innumerable ways of instructing his children and be open to everyone of them. By not discriminating people based on our conveniences but give the best attempt to love everyone. If the situation is unbearable, pray to Baba to change it. Baba knows what is medicine for us and what is poison. What is good will remain with us and what is not with us is perhaps not good for us. By not giving in to negative feelings even when challenged. By knowing that everything comes to us sooner or later if we hold on to his feet. Isn't this what Baba assured us by insisting on faith and patience?Q. Your comments on the practice of casting and drawing chits in front of Baba?A. by Srinivasan RadhakrishnanWell, the practice of chits is effective. As for myself, I have plenty of experiences, but remember one thing, his decision is final. When I started this practice, (I ask baba a question and place two chits "yes" and "no" on his feet. then I pick one of the chit. suppose I find result not satisfactory, I repeat the process again. but as always the first decision of baba is final. the result of first draw always takes place. this showed the weakness of my mind and faith). Then I stopped this practice. The practice of chits really works, but you should have tremendous faith in him. Just pray near Baba's photo, ask the question and pick up the chit. However, remember u should have absolute faith in him. And accept his first decision. The method I follow now is that I just have a conversation with baba. This also works wonders. Just ask him the question as you are asking to your friend. Somehow (by Baba's grace) the answer repeats itself from within. Through the years my faith in baba has sky rocketed. Now I don't ask baba too many questions as before. He knows best. If faced with any problem I just stare at Baba's photo and he solves the problem. I never cross question Baba's decision. Well all these are for our mind's satisfaction. During problem, we sometimes doubt baba, as we need quick results. My advice is during problems just look at Baba's photo and wait patiently. Have Shraddha and saburi. Baba will answer all questions, provided we are utterly sincere.Q. Your comments on the practice of casting and drawing chits in front of Baba?A. by UshaI draw chits in front of Baba before making any important decision. I have been doing this since my engineering. I had followed this Right from deciding which college to deciding my life partner .I strongly believe in Sai's decision whatever it might be. He has shown me the right path always. Some might think this is all silly. But there will be many situations in reality where we cannot make our mind in the proper direction. So, we have to leave decision to God and he is the best to decide. Drawing chits for choosing an engineering college may appear to be small thing but that is the beginning of my career. I would have not been as happy as today if I didn't follow Sai's decision. I thank Saibaba for being with me in all my difficulties.Back to MenuSai Activities:Shirdi Sai gurupoornima celebrations in Bay area, CAWe


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