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Egor Koshelev
Egor Koshelev

Download and Install Autodata 3.40 in German Language - MOTORCARSOFT.COM

london, ontario, canada - the autodata product management team is pleased to announce a new version of autodata, in german language 3.40. this is the first new release since 2.00 in 2004, so we are very excited to see how the german speaking client community will take to the new release of autodata. this is the 7th version of autodata in the u.k. market. support for the aa/aae/elm prescriptions is now included.

autodata 3.40 german language 40

with this release of autodata, we also welcome the new autoeuropa certification tests, which are new tests developed by the german ministry of transport with audi, bmw, mercedes benz, opel and volkswagen.

this year, the company reported a 15% drop in net sales from 2017, with a 10% drop in net income. the drop in sales came partly because of lower revenues from autodata's digital diagnostics and repair intelligence services. the company has also had difficulties in converting its legacy of existing customers and in winning new sales from its rivals.

regardless, the company's legacy core products have grown its customer base. in the fourth quarter, autodata software reported that customer growth is accelerating at a 26% annual rate, compared to just 10% in the year-ago quarter. the company has seen single-digit percentage revenue growth in five of the last six quarters, even in the current challenging business environment. the stock has risen more than 70% over the last three-plus years, and is one of the top-performing stocks in the s&p 500.

the management team has a strong track record of creating value for shareholders, creating shareholder value. the company has a rich legacy with an eye on the future. there is significant value here. and with kkr's support, we are confident the company's legacy will live on.


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